Providing Shuttle Service For "The Rosarito Ensenada Fun Bike Ride"

Why Choose Us?
Rosarito- Ensenada Transportation Comparison

Features Outback Adventures the other guys
Morning check-in time   6:30 AM   6:30 AM
Continental breakfast    Coffee, tea, muffins, 
fresh fruit
US Charter Bus   YES    Maybe ??
Each bike individually 
secured to bike racks
  YES    NO
Arrival at start line
Ride starts at 10 AM
  9:00 AM   9:00 AM
Gatorade & bottled 
water at start line
  YES    NO
Transport of personal 
bag to finish line
  YES    YES
Bike security at finish   YES    ?
Shower access   $3.00   No
Refreshments at finish   Unlimited ice cold cerveza, soft drinks & fish tacos.     NO
Departure times from Ensenada     TWO- 5:00, 6:00 PM   ONE- 5:00 PM
Years of R/E experience   38 years (60 rides)   1 year (1 ride)
On-line OR telephone 
reservations by credit card
  YES    Yes w/fee
Last day to cancel  
without penalty
  May 1st   ?
PRICE   $ 89   $ 99 + cc fees

You decide.



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